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Amazing tour to our spectacular crown jewel of Iceland “Snæfellsjökull”

  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Available: May – August

We offer tours on the Snæfellsjökull glacier in a Snow Track Buggy. The glacier rises 1446 meters above sea level. The mountain is one of the most famous sites in Iceland, primarily due to Jules Verne’s novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, in which an entrance to a passage leading to the center of the earth is found on Snæfellsjökull. It is said that the glacier has a mystical power and is one of the eight points of power in the world.

The tour starts at Arnarstapi (Samkomuhúsið) where we go on a 4×4 truck and drive to the root of the glacier, there we go on the Snow Track Buggy and off we go to the top of the glacier.

These are always fascinating excursions, but it is important for travelers to realize that views from the glacier are naturally dependent upon local weather conditions at the given moment.
For the excursions, it is very important to bundle up in warm clothes, good shoes, hat and gloves.


Diamond circle of Snæfellsnes

Magical guided tour around Snæfellsnes

  • Duration: 12 – 13 hours
  • Available: 15. May – 15. Sept.

This is a small group tour, with a local guide who knows all about Snæfellsnes Peninsula and our saga. You will have a wonderful time enjoying our beautiful and mystical lava fields, see our famous Kirkjufell mountain, stop at Arnarstapi where you will have the possibility to see the top of the Snæfellsjökull Glacier. We will also go to Hellnar, Svalþúfa at Lóndrangar where we will see two great trolls who have turned to stone, Djúpalónsandur beach, there we will take a walk to the viewing platform to see the beautiful black stone beach, remains of a crater to name a few.

The tour will start in Reykjavík at the Concert hall, Harpan, departure at 8:30
We can also pick you up in Borgarnes, N1 gas station at 10:00

If you are already in Snæfellsnes, there will be a shuttle that goes from Stykkishólmur, Sæferðir at 11:00 and meet us at Vegamótum. To get more information about these pickups and if you have other inquiries, please send us your question.